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roundup karen


With an excellent starting point of traditional Indian embroidery, Karen has combined our earthy colour palette with subtle floral motifs and rugged stitches to create a collection that is filled with the strong feminine attitude that the Vuvalini encompasses.

View Karen’s entire submission.

roundup liz


I am such a big fan of the trompe l’oeil effect that Liz has played on within this collection of designs: twisting everyday textures into precious stones. These more intricate photographic prints are perfectly balanced across the collection by Liz’s primitive marks and strong eye for colour.

View Liz’s entire submission.

roundup patti


This month, Patti really pushed the question asked in the brief of what a beautiful object looks like in a post-apocalyptic work. By supersizing and layering up an image of a ring pull and removing it entirely from its context, she created this very contemporary metallic print.

View Patti’s entire collection.