1. Patternmash Limited claims no ownership over any images featured on this website, unless stated, and is only responsible for the curation of images. To find image sources and credits, visit the official Patternmash Pinterest page where project image sources are mentioned on their corresponding boards. www.pinterest.com/patternmash/


1.1 Patternmash Limited does not own any designs submitted to the project. Designers are free to use their submissions however they like including selling their designs on, but please where possible credit Patternmash for help with the development of the project.


2. Patternmash Limited reserves the right to use any design submitted to the Patternmash Project in future promotional material, where full credit will be given to the artist.


3. As a subscriber to the Patternmash Project you are not permitted to share any material (briefs, emails, or any correspondence) you receive with a third party, whether privately or via social media. To protect the exclusivity of the project, Patternmash Limited reserves the right to terminate the subscription of any subscriber found to be sharing any material, regardless of how long is left on the subscription, with no refunds given.


4. New projects are launched on the first of the month. Be aware of this fact and the date when subscribing to the project. By subscribing to the current month’s project, you will receive up to date mail outs for the current project and will cease to receive mail outs on the last day of the project, which is the last day of the month, regardless of the date you subscribed to the project. For instance,¬†if you subscribe to the project on the 27th January, you will receive backdated mailouts from January 1st and will stop receiving them on 31st January.


5. Purchasing a six month subscription will get you six consecutive months worth of project emails. Please be aware when selecting this option that the subscription cannot be split or paused, and you will continue to receive the project mail outs even if you are unable to participate with the project.


6. Patternmash Limited can only provide it’s full service of giving feedback and updating Designer Profile Pages if subscribers submit a design. Please endeavour to give as much to the project as you can in order to get the most out of it, as unfortunately no refunds can be given.


7. By subscribing to Patternmash Premium of Patternmash Basic you give Patternmash Limited permission to contact you in the future regarding projects and promotions.


8. Patternmash Designer Profiles are only available to Premium subscribers. Your uploaded Designer Profile will only appear on the website if you are a Premium member.

8.1.  Designer Profiles are not an included feature in any promotional free projects, but only to full paying subscribers.