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I enjoyed working with a somewhat restricted palette for this collection. Balancing the colours in each design to give the right effect was challenging but fun.
Finding subjects to use in the collection wasn’t as hard as I first thought.

I have a full jaw/tooth xray from 5 years ago so I decided to trace and draw all my teeth from the xray. For the design I used layering and transparencies to create texture within the tooth illustrations. I played with various pattern layouts and finally settled on the one shown.
I used one of the tooth drawings to create an outline design that reflects inspiration from the fashion worlds use of see through clothing with coloured edges.

For the dark blue, and the peach designs I used old body xrays of mine.
The dark blue one uses an xray of my ribs and spine. The background is the xray vectorised in its original colours and the foreground is the xray vectorised and recoloured to make it more abstract and add contrast.
The peach design uses an xray of my knee. I played a lot with the colours in that one to create a soft design.

I learnt that creating for fun and never throwing experiments away is vital! Months ago I bought an OHP for $15 from the local op shop. My kids and I had lots of fun drawing on clear acrylic and placing lots of random objects onto the glass. It was great to see how different objects translated onto the wall, creating transparent, interesting effects. I took lots of photos and packed the OHP away. I dug them out to find they were perfect for the theme. The colours were right on. I used photoshop to create the repeats and learnt more about the design possibilities in the process.

I also used photoshop to create the thumb print design. I made finger prints using a black ink pad. I used the thumb print as it was the most aesthetically pleasing and showed the most line detail. I like the simplicity of this design.

The light blue design is created from a scan of a tie dyed dress I own. It was quite a simple scanned image but through manipulation in illustrator I created quite a complex design that resembles water, mirrors & ripples.

When I was 10 I made a shibori dyed t shirt at school. The results were fantastic and I have kept it forever. I scanned in all the circles. I chose my favourite circle, vectorised it and layered it using transparencies. It’s my favourite design in this collection!

Finally, The aztec like design is made using a photo I took of a shed that had been spray painted with palm tree leaves. It fit with the theme and I loved the ghostly, faint appearance of the paint. I vectorised the image, layered it, & spent a while finding the perfect colour combination. It has a very tribal, feathery feel to it and I love how the colour palette works with it.

I loved exploring lots of different subjects for this collection. And experimenting with different methods for creating the repeats has been really beneficial for me.

Thank you for looking
Jeli x

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