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A few things sprung to mind when this theme emerged.
Tribal warrior women, for one! The dusty desert, spiky plants, weapons, beauty, aesthetics, sustainability, resourcefulness, & practicality. Dens, hideaways, traps, boundaries, oasis’, hidden paradise, old fabrics, archiving of materials, organisation, & foresight. The collection & protection of precious life sustaining Seeds. Being nomadic & only holding onto things that are either useful or beautiful.
The fascination with what people choose to keep or collect when space or mobility is restricted. What does it say about them & their values?
It also reminded me of the old lady in “Labyrinth” that kept all her belongings on her back in the “junkyard of memories”.

Feeling greatly inspired by Vogue’s April 2014 campaign “Tomorrows Tribe”, I decided to do a little photo shoot at home. You can see my 2 part shoot, & the inspiring vogue shoot, on my blog.

I wanted my designs to have a rawness about them to reflect the theme. Incorporating texture, geometrics, tribal drawings, & abstract elements, whilst still being fresh & functional for use on edgy fashion pieces that feature lots of lengths, angles, strips of fabric, bare skin, & tassels.

There are 5 main designs with 2 colour ways/scales of each design. It’s amazing how colour & scale can change a design!

I think the collection encapsulates the feeling of Vuvalini quite well.

My favourite from this collection is the animal print/camouflage esque abstract design.

Thank you for looking!

Jeli X

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