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Oh, wow! This is the most fun I had in a long time.
When I initially received the brief I thought it is a bit of a challenge.Things just doesn’t look (and work) the same here in South Africa, like they do in the UK and US. I considered doing the designs based on some of my favourite cities in the world. It wasn’t very long before I decided to go with the flow and embrace the differences. This collection comes from my heart and I hope I do the vibrant streets of South Africa justice… Yes, it’s not unusual to find chickens or other livestock in the middle of the road or in town. Barber shops are found in pop-up spots next to the road, with a hand-drawn sign advertising their services. All of these alongside the well-dressed women with their Shweshwe dresses (any pattern-lover’s dream) inspired me.
Hope you enjoy my take on the Street Beat theme, just as much as I enjoyed designing it.
For a fun look at South Africa:
And more about Shweshwe:

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