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When the brief for East Meets West came through, I jumped for joy!
I have chosen one of my favourite places, Japan to be this project’s origin to create new pattern designs. The inspiration of this country and culture is endless, with so many of my favourite architects, designers, artists, places, food, people and beautiful paper goods coming from Japan.

With a blank page of my sketchbook and one of my trusted pens in front of me; my first resource for imagery were my photo albums. I have taken so much from my travels in Japan, it is such a beautiful country, with warm people who welcome strangers and with a designer’s eye, everywhere you find that Japanese people have great consideration for the man made environments they live in. I admire their thoughtful approach to living, in many places their living spaces are very restricted which has resulted in the need to maximise simple, practical functionality, yet without ignoring beautiful forms and materials.
One of my sketches that appealed to me the most was the one of the shoji, sliding screens. As well as the functional application of these sliding screens in small spaces, I love the delicacy of the paper or rich fabric panels against the warm timber or matt colour frames.
With the Patternmash colour palette applied to the 3 group of designs, I can see these materials being used for kimonos or noren to the local rice merchant or soba bar.
Jessie G

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