Designs by Lucinda Kidney
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I feel very inspired by this theme and my head is buzzing with ideas! During my Pound Shop Hunt I was inspired by products in the beauty aisle such as false eyelashes, false finger nails, nail polish, make up and make up brushes. I’d like to explore this theme further.

Due to time constraints, I’ve had to work quickly. Therefore I chose to create everything digitally using Adobe Illustrator. Inspired by the Purism Movement and children’s carefree approach to creativity I adopted a digital stylistic painting approach keeping the shapes to their simplest forms. The false eyelashes are like scattered leaves; the false nails have been composed into a basic flower and the eyeshadow pans are repeated basic circles.

I’m most pleased with the eyelash pattern and nail polish grid pattern both of which I feel have a contemporary 80’s vibe!

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