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This months theme has been quite a challenge for me. No inspiration, too much inspiration! Power cuts, lost files (see my IG!).
I felt quite overwhelmed with the possibilities & the avenues I could take this theme down.
I decided to keep things simple, veer down a path of organised abstract representations.

Now living in Australia, I couldn’t help thinking nostalgically about life in England and all the wonderful places I visited as a child.
Trebah Gardens with its jungly vibe, giant Gunnera plant tunnels, and the secret pebble beach at the bottom.
Stourhead Gardens, a young child’s wonderland, with hedges to play ‘hide and seek’ in, grass to run and roll around on, leaves to kick, and ducks to feed by the massive lake with beautiful stone buildings.
We lived right opposite Dartington gardens in a small white cottage(which I swear was haunted!!), for a year, while my Mum and her partner studied at Dartington University. Me and my sister would go and play in the gardens all the time. Hiding in the long hedge rows and rolling down the tiered slopes, speaking in gobbledygook french to pretend we didn’t understand what he was saying, when the garden care taker would come to tell us off!
And then theres Longleat house and safari park. A stately house and garden surrounded by jungle animals in enclosures. There’s a massive hedge maze too, which was always so much fun to solve!
I shared quite a few of the above places, on the Patternmash ‘Stately Garden’ Pinterest board!

I’ve never been a massive fan of mirrored designs, although I have used them a few times in the past, I tend to stick to standard tiled repeats.
But, I took some theme inspired photos, vectorised them, mirrored them, created a repeat pattern & recoloured them using the colour palette. I was so pleased with how they looked that I decided to use this technique for the majority of my designs. It just worked so well!!! Can’t argue with that!
The mirrored designs give a feeling of order, symmetry, interesting shapes & depth. They seem to represent the very organised feeling of stately gardens, with geometric lines and repetition. Yet the chaotic, intricate, patterns within the shapes give a feeling of nostalgia, fantasy & old world tapestry/fabric/rugs.
I was pretty delighted when I read this slice of advice in week #4’s email from Hannah “Mirror prints tend to make me shudder, but here they should be exploited.” Hell yeah! Just what I needed to hear! Totally made my day!

I just love how the colours have worked within my designs. It was sometimes hard to find the right combination of colours, for each design, as they had to bring out the intricate patterns within the images, make them stand out & flow into each other, in just the right way. The way I had pictured!

I am really excited by the designs I have achieved, and I hope you love them too!

Thank you for looking!

Jeli X

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