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I used to watch Little House on the Prairie, amongst other classic series like Lost in Space & Land of the Giants, every Sunday in my pjs. I actually loved that show!
When I saw this brief I wanted to create a collection that was very soft and feminine. I wanted to create designs that could be easily made into dresses reminiscent of 1880’s children’s fashion.
I pressed some flowers from my parents garden in April this year, so i opened it up and was pleased to find they were perfect for me to use. I had been wanting to brush up my skills in Photoshop so this was a great opportunity to do that! I really love the photographic quality of the 2 designs I created from the flowers. They look so fresh and summery but also nostalgic. I also created another 2 designs from the flowers using their silhouettes in illustrator.
I was also very interested in herringbone design, as it crosses over a few topics within the project title. The herringbone pattern/structure/concept is recognisable most obviously in the home – floor tiles, ceilings, quilting, cushion covers, rugs, garlic & onion harvests. On family members – Braided hair, clothing details like straps or quilting. And on the land – Grass seed heads of various types. So I have included this concept in a few of the designs. The blue and white seed head design initially had line drawings on top that showcased the herringbone detail but I preferred the simpler look.
The placement of the motifs in that design and the grass design are purposefully arranged to also reflect the herringbone concept.
To help tie the collection together I made the aztec diamond print, which is inspired by the well worn rugs lying by open fires with family sitting round eating home cooked meals.

I loved this colour palette!

Thanks for looking
Jeli x

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