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This month seemed to pass quite slowly at first. I felt like I was getting lots done in no time at all… then it seemed to speed up and suddenly it was nearly over and I’ve only just got these designs up in time!

I loved this theme!

I wanted to focus on the repetition. The abstract patterns, the water, the tiles. Lots of abstract!

I made some geometric collages, scanned and recoloured them to then use as layers in the designs. I did drawings and also used my photos.

The spidery design (used as layers in a few) is an abstract drawing I did of an icosahedron, which is a platonic solid and represents the element of water/aqua. I just had to incorporate it and I think it works so well!

As a collection, I think this is quite different to anything I’ve done before. I have created designs that I REALLY like, experimenting with layers, using my resources openly and adventurously. I even did a placement print in the 5th design.

With each design I kept in mind that they could be used for swimwear and I would definitely wear them all on a bikini, onesie, sarong, towel, bag etc.

Thank you for looking!

Jeli x

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