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I was quite stumped at first with this theme. It’s a big one! After some careful thought I was soon overwhelmed with ideas. I tried to embrace as many as I could. I didn’t want to be too micro with my exploration of the theme. I was really drawn to the big picture, overview effect aspect… the idea of looking at something from so far away, your perspective changes, you see the connection between things more intensely, the impact that is takes place. Height.

The ants are like a representation of the worlds population. The mass of people that inhabit every possible corner of the earth. It’s also the idea of when one looks down on people/cars from a great height and compares them to ants.

Inspired by aerial architecture drawings of trees, that surround the buildings, I drew some of my own and love the slightly abstract quality.

The mirrored lines with dots are a drawing I did of coal seam gas lines/fracking fields. I was intrigued by the suggestion to look at our immediate surroundings, something that is representative of where we live. Also the effect humans have on the planet, in this case, in a potentially negative light.
We have recently had a major community “struggle” to protect our local land from being fracked and consequently damaging our water, permanently. The community succeeded to hold them back, for now at least. We, as a community, will continue to strive to stop any companies doing CSG work in this region. This design seemed too sparse on its own and it worked well with the camouflage. I also made a blocky pattern with the spaces between the line drawing.

The camouflage design was a bit of a serendipity but I think it is very effective.

The spot drawing is created from an abstract map I drew of a city. I traced over it with dots to represent street lights. I was very inspired to create a pattern that looked like galaxies but was actually city lights sprawling out in the darkness of night. However, I didn’t like the way it looked with a black background so this is a development of the design into something I feel works better. I also made the blocky overlapping pattern using the original line drawing.

The block design with lines and words is inspired by/stolen from ;) Austin Kleon’s newspaper blackout work. I picked out words from a National Geographic I have that has a recycling article. Another way to look at the effect we have on our planet and its resources. I decided to create the pattern to look like big scale farming fields.
The sentences I created are:
“recycling stacks of waste as we commit.”,
“Strength will eliminate cutting down trees. Trees find new life as recycling is helping change this demand for virgin pulp.”,
and “A dream in recycled textile scraps and plastic trimming, I set an example to make a better today. With renewed interest of dwindling natural resources, the world buys what left behind.”.
A bit amateur but it’s really fun to do and A LOT harder than it looks. Kleon makes it look easy!

I’m so pleased to have finished this collection and very happy with my designs.

Thank you for looking.
Jeli X

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