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It sounds cliche, but I had so many idea’s for this brief. Although I haven’t created what I first visualised/fantasised, I am happy with the journey and outcome of this collection.

It is quite abstract and moves away from a more literal interpretation of the theme.

I have used hand drawn sketchy drawings of Pandanus pods I find scattered along the local shores. Their patterns fascinate me and I collect more of them every time I go to the beach.

The net design is made by printing fish net tights onto paper with paint, scanning it in and layering it to create an unusual texture vaguely reminiscent of fishing nets.

The shark is drawn from memories of the reoccurring dreams I have containing a shark/sharks. Sometimes I’m in the water with them, sometimes I see them from the shore, but they never hurt me. I wake up from the dreams, not feeling scared or panicky, but calm and intrigued. I often wonder what meaning these majestic black sharks have in my life.

I have used all the colours from the provided palette because I basically couldn’t help myself.

There is so much potential with this theme. It is a topic that I will always touch on in my designs, at one point or another. I love the ocean and all that embodies it. Endless possibilities.

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