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After reading the brief and the definition of flotsam & jetsam I kept coming back to boxes floating in the water after a shipwreck, but I couldn’t work out how to work that into a pattern, so I focused on what else happens when the ship actually sinks into the water, this brought bubbles to mind as they’d appear on the surface of the water, being pushed up from under the water whilst the ship was sinking, this was my starting point for pattern 1.

I still kept coming back to the image of boxes floating in the water. For pattern 2 I used rectangular & square colour blocks for the boxes and a blue background to create what an aerial view of what the boxes would look like floating in the water.

I then started to consider what washes up on a beach such as natural flotsam & jetsam i.e shells & skeletons of small sea creatures, and man made flotsam & jetsam such as litter or discarded fishing nets.

For pattern 3 I used a very rough sea urchin motif slightly offset over blobs of colours from the palette, the idea came from what may be left in small rock pools after the tide has gone back out again, the sea urchins will have to wait in the shallow pool until the tide comes in again to take them back out to sea.

The idea for pattern 4 came directly from the all of the bits of litter left behind by people whether after a trip to the beach or a boat trip or possibly after a shipwreck at sea.

For pattern 5 I revisited the sea urchins again, I felt that I needed another less bold & blocky piece to co-ordinate with the motifs in pattern 3 and balance the collection a bit more.

This is the first collection that I have ever put together and I really enjoyed the process. I’ve tried to vary the scale of the patterns & motifs used.
I’ve learned a huge amount in all areas during this brief , technical skills, how to research effectively (or how to avoid falling down a time hole on Pinterest) and creating individual designs as part of a coherent collection.

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