Designs by Elaine Collins
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My Collection is influenced by the tribal and cultural influences of the world, the colour ways are symbolic to many cultures and the rituals and myths that many cultures follow. I really loved uniting beliefs from the global community and that was the focus of my design collection.

CLANdestine Global Tribe, particularly in it’s detail, has the cultural imagery of Hopi Indians, African tribes, Ancient Greece and Egypt aswell as Native and South American influences. All of the continents are represented, from Australasia to the ‘Green Man’ Celtic myth of Britain; giving a whimsical, quirky interpretation. Through my designs I have created a sympathetic and unifying global identity, making connections through artistic imagery and religious beliefs, intertwined with tribal life. My designs represent hope mixed with folksy, fun and a worldwide identity using on-trend illustration, scanning and digital software. I hope you enjoy my collection.

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