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This brief unravelled into endless possibilities with every weeks email of inspiration!

Initially I had ideas related to the concept of amulets & symbology that is held in high regard within a ‘clan’. I wanted to draw abstract tribal suns. Although I haven’t ended up creating a design based on this idea, I have used small sun symbology as layers in a few of the designs.

I decided to concentrate on a few subjects & techniques: triangles, banksia leaves, totems, line drawings, collage & mark making. I created abstract drawings of triangles & leaves & had fun doing some painting & collaging using a technique I haven’t really done like this before. I painted blocks of colour on paper, cut out geometric shapes & stuck them down to make 6 large totem people. I loved the simple & effective result.

I had a bit of trouble transferring them onto my computer as the end collage was ~A1 size. I had to scan them in sections & stick them back together in photoshop. I then had the dilemma of creating the repeat in photoshop or taking them into Illustrator. Photoshop had the advantage of retaining the paint textures but I wasn’t convinced with how the design would sit in the collection with it’s raw colour palette. Illustrator meant I could vectorise it & play with the colours more, but it lost the collage paint textures. I chose to stay with the Illustrator option as the colours are really important within the whole collection. This collage technique is definitely something I want to play with more, & refine.

This project was all about crazy, colourful, extravagance & I felt it was really important to include lots of black & white that would contrast & support the bright colours. It also gives the designs a strong tribal feel! I tend to avoid using black most of the time but It’s something I’ve wanted to explore more & I’m really impressed with the results!

One thing this project has bought to my attention, along with my Asanoha collection, is that doing lots & lots of drawings, markings & collage is really vital! It gives so many options of what can be used within each design & it helps hone in on how I express myself & my ideas in fresh, unpredictable ways. It seems obvious, but sometimes I don’t do it, for whatever reason, & it reflects in a collection that doesn’t have enough variety or interest. I was honestly overflowing with ideas for this project, I probably could’ve made 10 more designs at least! I guess I know what theme to go to if I get stumped for inspiration to create!

I am super pleased with how this collection turned out & had so much fun. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Thank you for looking!

Jeli x

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