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I drew some of my signature mandalas using black pen and manipulated them in Ai, using a tile layout and the colour palette provided.
Although I liked them (see my IG), I didn’t feel they exuded the feeling of Azulejo’s, based on the brief and inspirational images provided. They lacked the personal touch of being hand painted, which I think is vital to capture the authenticity of Azulejo’s, and although my hand drawn mandalas contain mistakes and wonky symmetry, the painterly look was definitely missing.

I got the watercolours out (scary!) and colour matched to the palette as best I could. I did one design by painting a mandala (I just couldn’t help myself!) freehand with a brush, which is a different experience to drawing them with a pen… less control.

I liked it (and have included it as a design) but decided to veer away from my mandalas and be bolder! I drew inspiration from old tile designs and came up with my own simple painted motifs that really reflected the tonal, freehand, rustic, brush stroke look that exudes personality.
I kept the palette quite simple as to let the motifs stand out against the white.

Using elements from the main designs, I made some simple borders.

I’m extremely pleased with my final designs! My favourite is the mix’n’match!

Trying new methods is always fun and exciting. Being confident to change direction and to trust trial and error is invaluable in my design process.

I am so grateful for the amazing Patternmash!

Thank you for looking!


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