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Straight away I thought of brush strokes & bamboo. I set about drawing lots of bamboo with a brush pen.

I dug out Japanese art books that I’d adopted from one of my many op shop hauls.

It wasn’t hard to be inspired by this theme. At one point I thought about having a lotus pond filled with floating coke cans & a trolley or something… like that Banksy Monet picture, but the logistics of such a design stumped me a bit.

I was really drawn to the simple repeat designs used on Japanese textiles, stationery & origami paper. So I gathered some random, small, interesting objects & started printing them onto paper using ink pads. I did lots. Eventually I scanned them all in & organised them into uniform repeat designs that I could use to fill things with. I played with them lots but finally decided I wanted to fill a wave design with them, & I did. I also used one as the background on the bamboo design & one as the foreground on the triangle design.

I also became fascinated by the hemp leaf aka Asanoha pattern. It’s pretty generic & you’d see it in most homewares/stationery shops. Although, once my mind was filled with it, I kept seeing it everywhere.
I wanted to use it in my designs but I wanted to give it a more organic, hand drawn feel. Most of the Asanoha designs I see are really clean and digital, unless its been done with Shibori. So I started drawing it completely free hand. I love sacred geometry & it was easy to see its similarity to the flower of life pattern. In one drawing I merged the two together like an Echer illustration. I had so much fun & soon got lost in pages of experiments. I started to see shapes within the shapes, redrawing it over & over, & accentuating different elements. Suffice to say the resulting designs dominate the collection.

Other than the afore mentioned, all the designs contain their own motifs. I’m pretty happy about that!

I honestly could’ve probably made 20 more designs & it’s safe to say I am now totally Asanoha obsessed!

Thank you for looking.

Jeli X

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