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A few highlights from the Poolside project and what makes them so great!

roundup claireCLAIRE FERGUSON

In these two featured designs, Claire has managed to articulate the mood of Poolside so well without using any of the motifs you would usually associate with the theme. The selection and curation of colour in this collection when combined with the grainy tile texture, has a distinctly 80s retro feel which ansers the brief perfectly and never fails to make me smile!

View Claire’s entire submission.

roundup lindsay


Another distinctly 80s Poolside submission here from Lindsay, which makes great use of the misprint effect made popular by the decade’s Memphis group.. These featured designs also employ a loose grid structure inspired by tiles at the pool, which links the collection brilliantly to Lindsay’s Azulejo inspired designs and could also provide a starting point for the Stately Garden project, where we are exploring box hedges and garden blueprints.

View Lindsay’s entire submission.

roundup sandraSANDRA RELF

I am in so much admiration of the amount of variety and fun that Sandra has managed to pack into her collection using a really limited colour palette. Proof of the magic that happens when you have enough design ingredients and enforce the right creative restrictions! Specifically loving the relaxed edges of Sandra’s swimwear models that appear to have been torn and assembled from coloured paper. Also, really successful use of a large scale typographical overlay, featuring all of our favourite Summer words.

View Sandra’s entire submission.

roundup peticaPETICA WATSON

Can you count how many separate patterns there are in Petica’s amazingly detailed swimming costume design? A fantastic amount of work has gone into this design, all worth it to make such an original idea happen! I would love to see some of the swimming costume prints scaled up as all-over print co-ords, wouldn’t you? Another favourite of mine from Petica’s Poolside collection is this geometric mash up, pulled tightly together by the confident grouping of Patternmash colours.

View Petica’s entire submission.