Q. I want to find out the source of an image featured in a Patternmash theme or moodboard.
A. All images used in themes and moodboards are credited on the official Patternmash Pinterest page. By clicking on the moodboard you will be redirected to the Pinterest page where the source can be found.


Q. Can I feature designs I have submitted to the Patternmash Project on my own blog or website?
A. Of course! Patternmash helps designers to create new work and claims no ownership over any of the designs produced – it is your choice to show your work wherever you like although it would be great if you could mention Patternmash as your inspiration!


Q. I have missed the deadline to a project! Can I still submit my work?
A. Yes. The deadline for projects is just to provide some structure and an end point for you to aim at, but I will never turn down your design work! Just make sure your designs are clearly in the usual way (Firstname_Lastname_Projecttheme.jpg) and upload them to the previous projects submission form where you can select from a list which project you are submitting too.


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