I am based in:
Sydney, Australia

My specialism is:
I love to create patterns all day long, you would look at my work and think she likes to use colour. I grew up in a time when wallpaper was in every room of my house. Looking back now this is where my love of shapes have formed.

I am inspired by:
The smallest of details, it can be the shapes a shadow makes on a wall, it can be the detail you see close up when you look inside a flower, it can be a memory of a time when I was young, it’s the retro designs still influencing the prints of 60’s, it’s in the large bold geometric shapes of the 70’s and flouros of the 80’s and 90’s all seem to influence my work. And really it’s the use of colour within all of these.

When I am not designing, you can find me:
Sitting someplace quiet with a good book and a great cappuccino, playing catch-ups with friends and planning our next weekend away, browsing craft shops for my next fabric or wool purchase to add to my already overabundance stash.



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