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A few of my favourite submissions for DECOrate and why I think they are so great!

roundup alice


This is one of the more successful interpretations of the DECOrate brief for me since Alice really packed in the hand made marks and sketched out an Art Deco structure rather than sticking to the crispness that is synonymous with the theme. Alice’s designs have a tribal beat to them which is really the polar opposite to Deco, however proved to be a really successful pairing of surface qualities. View Alice’s entire submission.

roundup myriam


Myriam stuck a little more rigidly to a traditional Art Deco structure especially in her first design. However it is the elongated shapes and the sophisticated addition of hatches and curls all in white that really caught my eye – what a lovely timeless print. Myriam’s clever use of stripes behind in the second design and subtle blending modes have allowed her to make the most of our restricted colour palette – this would have been a great submission for last year’s Overlay project, don’t you think? View Myriam’s entire submission.

roundup patti


This is the third consecutive month I have received designs from Patti and March saw a big leap for her work. I am a lover of photographic print and I think for DECOrate, Patti really owned it! Her selection of textures is perfect for the theme: pearly buttons give that sense of luxury and excessive embellishment that was so popular for the flapper dresses, and the glitter texture is so fun and brings the collection right up to the present day. The iconic scalloped Deco repeat is the perfect framework to apply this imagery – I can’t wait to see what next month holds for Patti! View Patti’s entire submission.