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 A few highlights from the Azulejo project and what makes them so great!

roundup summerSUMMER VOELKER

Summer has combined some of the most electrifying colours from the theme with a weathering effect for a softer, more authentic look. The irregularity of the weathering makes it more natural than if it had followed the repeat of the tile design. Another really successful aspect of Summer’s designs for me is the subtle use of the tile’s “grouting”. The fact that the grid is white and it’s lines are quite thin means that it doesn’t dominate in the design, but is visible enough to suggest the collections’ inspiration origins. View Summer’s entire submission.

roundup kyrrhaKYRRHA SEVCO

Deciding on a more stylised interpretation to the brief, Kyrrha has developed a really charming repeat. I love the personality of this print: the irregular rectangles and childlike sketchy motifs bring a new life to an age-old design style. Kyrrha was very clever in choosing to use just the blues from our palette to anchor her design to the Azulejo theme. View Kyrrha’s entire submission.

roundup melMELISSA WATTS

Mel’s collection gives traditional Azulejo flora/geo combinations a bit of an update. Her stand out piece is this lovely layered print, the sketchy coloured motifs work on top of the monochromatic design without conflict. I would love to see these hand embroidered and cascading from the shoulder of a garment.  It would fit snugly within our Overlay project collection, don’t you think? View Melissa’s entire submission.

roundup brendaBRENDA DEGUARA

Brenda was inspired by some of the less traditional Azulejos to create these bold designs which have been a roaring success. It is a brave designer who can select such a limited palette and own it like Brenda does when she designs these timeless geometrics. Notice the fine golden line edging the diamonds in the design on the left – gorgeous attention to detail. View Brendas entire submission.