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This month’s Round Up is a little different in that the designs featured are the winning and commended entries to the first Patternmash Pinata competition. May’s Ancient Mariner project received 153 submissions from 28 different designers, and Sally and I could have picked several winners. THANK YOU to every single designer that contributes to this special project not only this last month, but month in and month out.


W I N N E R | Katie Edwards

Katie_Edwards_AncientMariner10 Katie_Edwards_AncientMariner4


There were two designs specifically within Katie’s collection that stood out for Sally and I.

The first is the design that Katie selected to be her featured image. The illustrative qualities remind me of a memory, some parts of which are clear and other parts fade out when you try to remember them. This sense of wearing away with time echoes the “Ancient” brief. A nautical theme is suggested by a rope and boat figure, but this theme is represented in a subtle way that would be suitable for a male audience, as recommended in the brief.
Katie’s second winning design is a photographic placement print of the ocean lapping at the shore.
Sally described the glittering sunlight as resembling jewels on a beach. We love Katie’s confidence of letting a great photo speak for itself & although the colour within the image has been digitally altered to fit the theme, it hasn’t been over-worked to a point where it no longer looks real.

View Katie’s entire submission.

C O M M E N D E D | Marisa Rojo


Sally likened Marisa’s print to a Where’s Wally! This is such a fantastic composition, my eyes don’t know which area to settle on! I have found something new and intriguing every time I have looked at this design and was amazed to hear that Marisa has this design working in repeat. Marisa has used colour in such a confident way by restricting herself to using blue and white only and we felt that this responded to the oriental art thread in our brief very successfully.

C O M M E N D E D | Lucy Smith

LucySmith_ancientmariner02Both Sally and I agreed that Lucy’s use of photographic texture within her fish scales print when combined with the colour choice is really effective. We also love the 3D lillusion created by Lucy’s use of a drop shadow, this gives a tactile quality to the print that would work really well on fabric.

I also think this design works well when viewed in relation to the other prints Lucy submitted for the Ancient Mariner. It’s nice to see more geometric “zoomed in” designs to balance the collection as well as the motif based designs that Lucy is best known for.

View Lucy’s entire submission.

C O M M E N D E D | Elizabeth McGarrigle


Sally selected Liz’s Indigenous Australian Fish print because the motif is so original! We haven’t seen anything else like it across the whole of the collection and love that Liz found her own path for this print. The motif reminded Sally of of a pre-historic creature! I agree and also feel that this print answers the aspect of the brief which explored sea monsters and legendary animals told of by the Ancient Mariner. From a textiles perspective, we love the scratchy, hand-made quality in these illustrations.

View Liz’s entire submission