The Patternmash Project is a monthly creative challenge to respond to a specific theme and collection of images and is open to anybody looking for a “live” brief. Whether you are a student or graduate wanting to refresh your portfolio, a freelancer keen to experiment with a new look or maybe you are a hobbyist designer who would appreciate some honest feedback and new ideas, Patternmash is a one-stop shop providing trend focused inspiration, exposure and community feedback to help you on your journey.

The service is accessible internationally, providing an important and unique collaborative opportunity for designers across the globe to connect and respond to the same visual prompts. Plus with no long term financial commitment required, you can catch up with us on a dip in and out basis when you are in need of a quick fix for some new ideas, or perhaps you will get hooked and join in every month! To find out more about subscribing to the Patternmash Project, click here.




Hannah Kirkbride is a printed textiles designer and teacher living and working in Manchester, UK. She is the one-woman-band behind Patternmash.
Hannah’s surface patterns are influenced by news and current events such as cutting edge scientific research and world conservation issues, but borrow aesthetic attributes from Mid Century and Scandinavian design and hand crafts. To explore some of Hannah’s design work, click here.

When researching and putting together the Patternmash Projects, Hannah takes inspiration from every place imaginable: cities that she’s visited, hoarders and their collections, TV and cinema, true crime and historical events, street style and youth culture, the seasons and her city surroundings. Sometimes she is drawn to a certain artist, designer, print style or concept and builds a project around that, constantly injecting refreshed trend knowledge and research to make sure her briefs are ahead of the curve.

A lover of pattern and the concept behind the aesthetic, Hannah believes that research and initial inspiration is the most important part of the design process. Hannah created Patternmash in November 2013. She wanted it to become a place where these  initial sparks of inspiration that grow into project beginnings could be collated, shared and enjoyed.


Three Things About Hannah:

1. Hannah is a qualified teacher and works during the day at Manchester School of Art, where she is a Fashion and Textiles Lecturer to a group of international students.

2. Hannah struggles to commit to reading a full book. However she loves short stories, her favourites being Tales of the Unexpected by Roald Dahl.

3. Hannah loves exploring Saturday morning flea markets in every new place she visits. She has collected junk from all 4 corners of the earth but thinks Berlin’s Mauerpark Flohmarkt takes some beating…